Dr. Danny Vleggaar visits Erickson Dermatology

Hi! Elizabeth here, Practice Manager and Licensed Aesthetician at Erickson Dermatology. This week, Erickson Dermatology was excited to host Dr. Danny Vleggaar, (Head of Cosmetic Dermatology in private practice in Geneva) from Switzerland. Dr. Vleggaar is renown in the... read more

Erickson Dermatology Opens in Chicago!

Erickson Dermatology Launches in Chicago Hi, my name is Elizabeth Weiler, Practice Manager and Aesthetic Director at Erickson Dermatology. I will be one of the contributors to Erickson Dermatology’s blog. If you are reading this, You are either digging way back... read more

Common Misconceptions about BOTOX, Part One

Common misconceptions about BOTOX, Part One: Have you been interested in trying BOTOX or another neuromodulator, but perhaps you have some concerns? There are plenty of common misconceptions about BOTOX and other neuromodulators out there. Read on for the reality... read more
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