You didn’t choose to have raised SK’s on your body, but you can choose to treat them. The ESKATA™ treatment consists of a soft pen-like applicator containing a prescription-strength solution of 40% hydrogen peroxide being applied to raised SK’s by a licensed professional in our office. Within a few weeks of treatment, the SK’s will have “fallen off”, essentially leaving no trace behind.

What are Sebhorreic Keratoses (SK's)?

SK’s can be flat or raised with a color that matches your normal skin tone or darker. Flat SK’s have a velvety or shiny texture and with time, may get larger or increase in number. These SK’s may also become thicker and raised with a waxy or rough texture. SK’s can appear anywhere on your body, but are most common on the face (hairline/temples), neck, chest and back.
 SK’s are harmless spots that appear as we age. While they may cause initial concern, SK’s are non-cancerous and generally don’t cause any pain or discomfort. SK’s are very common, but if you have concerns, you should consult with Dr. Erickson to determine if your spots are indeed SK’s or something potentially more serious.

How long does it take to see the results?

Dr. Erickson will evaluate your results approximately 3 weeks after treatment with ESKATA. If your treated raised SKs are not clear, she may apply ESKATA once more, as long as the treatment area is not irritated. In clinical studies, results were evaluated at Day 106 after initial treatment. Most SK’s will be gone within a just few weeks after your treatment.


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