What is FemTouch™?

FemTouch™ is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non surgical, non-hormonal laser vaginal procedure, that stimulate new collagen production for healthier tissue.

Developed by Lumenis®, the leading company for aesthetic medical laser devices, in collaboration with leading gynecologists, Lumenis® now offers a simple treatment for vaginal health conditions

What Should I Expect?

Immediately after treatment you may feel a very mild heat sensation in which case your treatment provider can prescribe a hydrating gel.  This sensation usually should not last longer than a few hours.


How Does It Work?

FemTouch™ is an innovative CO2 laser technology, enabling to apply precise and controlled laser microbeams on the vaginal lining.  This allows stimulation of new tissue growth, by triggering collagen production.

How Do I Know If I Am A Good Candidate?

Please contact our office for your consultation to see if this may be a solution for you!


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